TTouch groundwork exercises encourage dogs to focus, which is especially useful during behaviour training

What is groundwork and what does it do?



Tellington touch groundwork improves posture, movement, physical and emotional balance.


Poor posture can be become habitual or dogs can be born with certain conformation problems, some mild and some more severe, which can cause poor movement. Injury and pain can cause an animal to adopt a poor posture to protect the injured area and this may go on after the injury has healed and the pain has gone.

Posture also dictates behaviour and certain postures and movements accompany a particular state of mind. Have you ever tried to laugh and be angry at the same time? To be angry you need to adopt a stiff, confrontational posture with a frown on your face and probably a very tense mouth. To laugh you need a relaxed posture and you use totally different muscles in your face.


To change behaviour it is necessary to change posture and we can do this for dogs by using touches and groundwork exercises to relax them and give flexibility. Simply walking a dog over slightly raised poles on the ground means they need to lower their head to do this. With their head lowered it is much harder to be confrontational and easier to not react to something which is usually a trigger.Walking dogs over and through different pieces of simple equipment enables them to move differently and therefore feel different.


Using touch and movement you can suggest a different posture and therefore a different emotional state which will accompany the new posture. Ease of movement and a confident, calm posture = a confident attitude and feelings of self-control. By helping a dog to move easily and freely you can improve the way they feel.