TTouch bodywork helps calm animals and change behaviour


TTouch was developed by Linda Tellington-Jones, originally on horses, but now it is used with all animals.

It is a way of working with animals with no threat or force. The non-habitual touches and movements release tension and help physical and emotional balance. The two parts of TTouch work are bodywork and groundwork.




It operates on neural pathways giving enhanced ability to learn and co-operate. It opens up new channels of communication allowing animals to learn new ways to behave, which allows previous negative behaviours to be left behind. Animals learn to judge each new situation as it happens, rather than just reacting to it.

Using touch 'mindfully' and 'with intent' is different to normal stroking, which is often done in an absent minded way. People observe and focus on interaction with animals when doing TTouch, so there is a constant adaptation to create beneficial interaction.



Encourages trust, giving an improved relationship between animals and people

By acknowledging and responding to calming signals you are allowing the dog to demonstrate concern or discomfort about what is happening to them.                                                                                                                


          Body wraps give a sense of security and encourage self awareness


Improves ability to learn

Animals (and humans!) get locked into certain behaviour patterns which then become purely habit. They are really just reacting with no thought behind the action and this prevents other behaviours from being considered.

Anxiety and fear can also cause habitual responses to certain situations and prevent conscious thought. By relaxing dogs and giving them confidence it enables them to deal with life in a more balanced way.

TTouch gives self-awareness to help them be aware of what they are doing, as they do it. Alternative behaviours then become an option as the dog is focusing on what is happening, instead of simply reacting without thought. Think of it as giving new information to the body and mind, which can then help them to feel differently, giving them more options to behave differently.


Aids recovery after illness or injury and can help maintain health and well-being

TTouch is very effective as a complementary therapy alongside, but not instead of, veterinary medicine. It can speed up healing and rehabilitation after surgery or during illness.

The new information received by the body via the touches and movement can bring about internal changes by 'waking up' the body and drawing attention to it. This causes a kind of 'internal discussion' between cells and body systems as the nervous system tries to integrate the new information and in doing so may become more efficient as a whole.