Free Puppy Socialisation Classes 


Why is there a need for the classes?

It is a challenge for people with new puppies to find safe opportunities to allow them to socialise with others. There is also the problem that if done badly this experience can set your puppy back in terms of their confidence with other dogs. If not handled correctly this can then be a problem for life.

Although socialisation is an ongoing process for puppies as they grow up, there is a very small window of opportunity to introduce them to other dogs when they are very young. This is at an age when they are best able to handle new experiences and interactions with others and if opportunities are not given at this age then that time can never be recovered later on in life. This can result in a dog with ongoing problems with other dogs throughout their adult life.

 What happens at the classes?

I have been working as a canine behaviourist and have taught socialisation classes for a vets practice for over a decade so I have enormous experience in this area to enable me to provide a class which gives new puppy owners the chance to safely socialise their pups under appropriate supervision and guidance. Rather than just let them chase each other round the floor for an hour I use the time to give them the skills to approach other puppies appropriately and politely and also to be able to be in the room with other puppies without feeling the need to constantly play with them.

Also during the class I will be answering any questions at all about puppy behaviour problems that anyone is experiencing. I will discuss the very basics of training a puppy and explain how to read their body language to enable you to understand what they are really feeling. This is a part of the class people find extremely useful and is a chance to get accurate and correct advice from a safe source rather than gathering lots of varied opinions from different websites and Facebook pages, which can be extremely misleading and confusing for both owner and puppy!

Who can attend?

Everyone is offered one free class with an option to attend a second one for a cost of just £5 if they would like to do more. The class is open to puppies under 16 weeks however, I have seen that puppies who come in much earlier than this are much more successful at interacting with other puppies. For this reason you can bring your puppy as soon as they have had their first vaccination. This can save 4 weeks of waiting and wasted opportunity which often happens if they do not attend until after their second vaccinations.

Is it safe for puppies to attend after only the first vaccination?

The training room is mopped with the same cleaning fluid used in vet practices to clean their floors to enable disease prevention and no other dogs can enter the building in the time between mopping the night before and puppies arriving the next day. This means that although there is a small risk the room is as safe as possible. We allowed puppies in after first vaccination for the last 2-3 years of classes at the vets practice I worked at and during that time none of the hundreds of puppies that attended contracted disease but many were saved from future behavioural issues so it appears the risks of illness are extremely minimal and completely outweighed by the benefits in improved behavioural progress.

When are the classes and where?

The classes are held at the Best Behaviour centre at Lumb in Rossendale. They will usually take place on a Saturday morning or afternoon.

What do you need to do?

If you are interested in bringing your puppy to a class please fill in the online registration form. You will then receive an email or text invitation to the next available class. You will need to respond to the invitation and pay a deposit of £5 to accept your place. This deposit will be returned to you at the class only when you attend. If you don't attend it will not be returned. If I don't receive a reply and deposit from you the place will be offered to someone else on the waiting list. You will need to bring your vaccination card with proof of 1st vaccination and age of your puppy. You will be unable to attend the class without this.