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'Bringing together natural animal health practitioners to publish articles and columns enlightening readers about the advantages of natural treatments and products and detailing news from the pet industry.'


I recently wrote my first TTouch articles for The Healthful Dog Journalzine. They can be found in Volume 1, Issue 2 .

You will see an article from me in every issue from 2 onwards. The journalzine is available four times a year with the third issue due in March 2015.


If you would like to purchase download versions of Issue 1 or 2 you can do that by following the link below.

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If you wish to purchase the hardback versions they are available from Amazon by following the link below. 

There is no discount on the hardback version.


Link here for download versions

Links below for hardback versions

Healthful Dog Volume 1 Issue 1


Healthful Dog Volume 1 Issue 2